• He intentionally disinherited five of his children.
  • It seemed mean-spirited of him, but marriage is a contract to support a spouse. Since the children from Lewis' first marriage were all adults when he died, there was no support responsibility and no requirement to provide them an inheritance.
  • Yes, of course...since it's his money, to do with as he wishes. He could have given it all to charity. He could have given it all to a stranger. He could have given it all to Bill Gates. It's HIS MONEY. That doesn't mean that it's right or just of him (from a philosophical standpoint) to do what you described, but since it's HIS MONEY, certainly he is allowed - and SHOULD BE allowed - to do whatever he wants with it, including things that are unjust or selfish or even a little crazy, as long as whatever he does with it does not break any law.
  • First of all, it wasn't his wife. It was his ex-wife. BIG difference. She already had her day in court and should have gotten what was legally right for her back then, and you didn't say what she got then, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't 'nothing'. Secondly in most states a married couple share the assets. And since his other kids were grown I don't see anything wrong with it. Especially since we don't know how they treated him while he was alive. Its really not any of our business, anyway.
    • Hulk70156
      His first wife and mother of his six kids was dumped and got no money. Here is the link:

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