• im no anti vaxer but they have their rights not to be vaccinated and do you know double dosed get covid also....and can spread it as well
    • Hulk70156
      Technically that's right its also true vaxed people have a 25% less change of spreading the disease than the unvaxed. . .>
    • pamela
      well we have a double dosed guy here was in community few days and government is pretty worried and may introduce some more restrictions !!!!!....people here in australia are being dictated to and denied many rights ,its creating 2 types of class of people here, one lot can go here and the other lot cant, and its very wrong ..people losing freedoms!!!!!.is like the old days having two types of citizens
    • 1465
      NBC News - now there's a credible source. LOL
    • pamela
      our local australian news here with our health people etc etc on our TV
  • I doubt it. People who refuse to get vaccinated will more than likely think the Covid pill is another way to persuade them.
  • I highly doubt it. My neighbor, an anti-vaxer just got covid and died.
  • Not all of us. I won't be vaccinated - and I like to travel. Be wary - I may come to a town near you. 😆
  • Your medical decisions should be your own. So, I guess it's none of your business. I really wish libtards trying to run other people's lives would get that simple notion.
    • 1465
      They're like puppies that can't figure out why they're being scolded for peeing on the floor.

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