• He's too old, and he probably was suffering from jet lag too. I would have probably fallen asleep too.
  • He;s only human. Maybe Biden was suffering from jet lag or for what ever reason couldn't sleep the night before. At least POTUS knows climate change is real. That is can cause problems in the environment, earth;s food supply (drought), drastic weather like severe heat waves, cold snaps, hurricanes, tsunamis.
    • 1465
      You make me laugh. "Jet lag"? That might explain ONE episode of incompetence, but not everything he touches.
    • Charin Cross
      My God Mug and Dal, WAKE UP!! Our "leader" should be in bed in diapers somewhere!! Stop making excuses for him! You look as sad as he does.
    • dalcocono
      Well, this is the event in question. I certainly wasn't suggesting jetlag for ALL his errors "C,mon man"!
    • dalcocono
      I wasn't making any excuses for him, I suggested a reason. He's a couple years older than me, but we would have been i school together had he gone to my school. I know the value of a nice nap in the afternoon. I don't know why he became the great hope of the dems in the first place, when there was lots of younger talent available.
  • Not if I was 79 years old and had dementia! LOL! I caught that video and it was hilarious. Biden's handlers finally saw he was asleep and sent an aide over to wake him up. Now THIS is the kind of comedy that should be on SNL!!
  • To be fair and honest (note: I'm no fan of Biden): not necessarily. If they were in the middle of negotiations then: yes, I could stay awake. If it was yet another speaker droning on and on, promoting vague generalities about a subject that I had already researched, then I would probably be out like a light after just a couple of hours of such fluff. *** I don't know what was going on when Biden went "lights out", but to be fair, it wouldn't surprise me if it was just another fluff speech by another politician, one with no practical value and - so - no need to pay urgent attention.
    • Charin Cross
      Oops accidentally gave you a thumbs up. (that's another thing I hate about this site. no way to undo mistakes). and speaking of mistakes, Biden IS one and you know it! Stop making lame excuses for him. See him for the lame loser he is!
      As I've said: I'm no fan of Biden. I wish that he hadn't won the election. (See: Afghanistan) BUT...I'm not going to ignore reality and blame him for things that are - PERHAPS REASONABLY - not blameworthy. I might have fallen asleep in that same situation (depending on the circumstances), and I might not have missed anything important when doing so.
  • Obviously, it's not THE critical threat. At least Biden didn't think so - besides falling asleep, his watch drew his attention as if he was missing his ice cream treat.
  • Honestly, I nearly fell asleep just checking out the clip, I've flown to Florida from UK before, via Canada, and I was knackered the first day, so I can't really fault him, he is older. He wasn't asleep, he was resting is eyes, whether that could of led to him falling asleep I don't know. Now if his arms had of dropped, and resonating snoring filled the room, that would of been embarrassing, but of course amusing for the rest of us. Still, rather Sleepy Joe Biden, than Creepy Joe Biden a?

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