• It's a perfectly safe bet. It's well known by the politicians who provide international aid that said aid is typically misappropriated by officials of the receiving government. The giving of such aid is just as much a political ploy as it is a humanitarian act. *** Hypothetical Example: you give - say - Ethiopia $100 million dollars in food aid to help with a famine. Ethiopian politicians sell half the food and pocket the proceeds, but also distribute half the food to most of the Ethiopian people (but not to groups who are politically working against the current government). Ethiopian politicians are now our "good buddies", having been the beneficiaries of the lucrative U.S. aid package. Ethiopian people are now happy with Ethiopian politicians for helping with the famine. U.S. people are now happy with U.S. politicians for doing something useful and humanitarian with our tax dollars. Everyone is happier than they were...but the Ethiopian people are still starving...
    • Charin Cross
      Doesn't he have any idea how much the US has given THE WORLD in foreign aid over the decades since WWII? Musk is a guilty self-hating liberal. He should enjoy his billions and shut the hell up!
  • I think it's time for the UN to "put up or shut up"!
  • Don't believe a word of anything Elon says more lies. How much of the peoples money has he and his company's stolen with pathetic tax breaks.
  • I think if the billionaires got together, they can solve world hunger.

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