• No. There's no such thing as Climate Change. The earth works in cycles to purge accumulated waste, and it has done so for millions of years. Climate Change is a Con designed to bleed money for "research" that never results in anything. Weather (good or bad) is influenced by a lot of things such as Trade Winds, solar activity, and even the gravitational pull of the moon. Just a few decades ago, the "worldwide panic" was the "hole in the ozone" - what happened to that? There is still a hole in the ozone, but it's part of the natural process of releasing waste out of earth's atmosphere. Once this con was exposed, it was never heard from again. Global Warming comes along about as frequently as the threat of the next Ice Age - anyone with a brain cell in their head can figure out that one. Climate Change is a Globalist Con designed to create panic among the sheep who took advantage of "no child left behind".
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  • Not apparently. "Bad weather" has been going on on the Earth for as long as we are able to determine. Quite probably since the formation of the Earth. *** The consensus of scientists is that greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere by humans is the cause for global warming (the term changed to the much more vague "global climate change" primarily so that it could be more easily used as a scapegoat. Remember when the European Winter with record-breaking amounts of snow fall was blamed on global warming?) *** Some others blame solar output or other natural phenomena that are completely beyond the ability of humans to affect. I.e. those individuals claim that greenhouse gasses are not the primary cause and that (therefore) reducing greenhouse gasses will do very little to remedy the situation. *** Finally: there are those who claim that no global warming is occurring.
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