• Yes, James Bond died a horrible, lingering death, and there will never, ever be any James Bond movie ever again. Either that...or they're using that as an excuse to switch actors..."I faked my death and had plastic surgery so that I could surprise the bad guys"
  • No Time To Die is a great movie but sad that the James Bond character has been blown up at the end. After the end credits it says James Bond will return or something like that so either he survived the blast or James Bond is reincarnated we will not know until the next movie.
    • Hulk70156
      Thanks, I didn't know that.
  • I'll wait until it is on TV.
  • In No Time To Die (2021), Daniel Craig - James Bond was killed off. Those who have seen the movie already have questioned themselves with, WTH? The movie is easily explained in short words. Daniel Craig is getting old, so his time is up. The never-ending question continues until the next Bond film is produced: Who will take on the role as the next James Bond actor? Could it be a younger actor? Could he have faked his death? Could it be the daughter he discovered he had in No Time To Die be the next person to take over his father's legacy? Etc? This is how the movie industry works. There is too much money at stake to put an end to the James Bond film series.

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