• Trump is distancing himself from the old Republican Party. Since the RINOs have been exposed, a new "patriot" Republican Party has been coming together. The likes of Mitch McConnel and Mitt Romney are invited to stay away - they can play games with the Democrats all they want, but the real support will be for Trump and the patriot Republican Party that supports Trump.
    • Vampire Of My Own Heart
      Thank you for the ideology. The question is in regards to 2022. I ask again will you vote in 2022? It's either a "yes" you will or "no" you won't. Please answer according to the question..
    • 1465
  • I am still moderate in my politics. Just can't get all that worked up over them. I never liked Mr. Trump. I never voted for him. I've always thought he is a great buffoon. I won't be listening to much has has to say.
    • 1465
      Your Biden pick has sure made a mess of things, hasn't he? All that's left is to hand the key to the White House over to Karl Marx.
    • dalcocono
      I never liked Joe Biden either. I never voted for him in ANY of his 3 tries for the potus job. He is CERTAINLY NOT my pick.
  • Another stupid old fool that should be in the nursing home. Why would anyone vote for some old fool that will be long dead while you are still paying the debt it runs up. At 79 years of age his best days are long past.
  • I am not a conservative I still wouldn't trust Trump. He's crazy.
    • 1465
      Yeah - we see how your choice has created a train wreck.

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