• This website is very glitchy, problematic. Over time, you'll notice a lot of tech issues like that. I don't think they spend any money on this site (and actually, why would they...)
  • It could be a number of things. Did you use any characters other than letters? Even apostrophes have been known to break the site from time to time. Maybe you posted too many questions in too short a time? There are quotas in place, I believe, to keep people from spamming. Even after that, sometimes content just inexplicably disappears.
    • Linda Joy
      The text editor only has a problem with ' if they are copied in from another text editor not when you key them in . If you post more than 6 questions in an hour it will tell you, and lock you out for an hour. And it doesn't inexplicably disappear. Staff removes it for breaking the terms of use. But some new people would rather blame the AB system for their failure to abide by the rules.
  • Are words missing from your question as you implied, or by "some text" do you mean an entire answer or comment? If so it was probably deleted by staff for breaking the terms of service. I tried to warn y'all, but you didn't listen. You insist on continuing in your personal attacks against anyone who disagrees with you and I guess you don't even know what being respectful means!! Did you also notice some of your questions have been deleted?
    • Shadow
      You are repeating the same answer from my other question. Did you just copy and paste the text in your answer?

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