• Their unrelenting attacks against him throughout his Presidency were an effort to charge him with a crime so as to prevent him from running for a second term. They're still deathly afraid of him - and with good reason.
    • Charin Cross
      right on!
  • We've never had a president who was as corrupt as Trump, nor a president who tried to overthrow the government. .... Republicans can say he didn't try to overthrow the government; that he just tried to stop the counting. My response: same difference. If you try to change the result of an election through mob violence - that's called a Coup!😗
    • Hulk70156
      Trump is also insane because he knew it would never work but he did it anyway because he likes to see stuff explode.
    • OrangeDonRump
      At least he has a brain, snooks! All you have is no-proof conspiracy theory garbage that you blab about every day with NO EVIDENCE TO EVER BACK-UP ANY OF IT...
    • 1465
      Does ANYONE on the Left even know what a history book is? Woodrow Wilson let himself be blackmailed when he signed the Federal Reserve Bank into law in 1913. He also signed the death warrant for a generation of young Americans when he let himself be snookered into getting America involved in WW1 - the interesting and most corrupt part being that he used his record of keeping America out of the conflict during his campaign for a second term - with the campaign slogan "He Kept Us Out Of War". Then, the moment he was elected, got involved in the war. FDR was another corrupt President. He was instrumental in creating the conflict in Europe just to get America involved (his New Deal policies were failures and, in some cases, deemed illegal by the Supreme Court. He needed a way to pull America out of the Great Depression and war is always a popular way to create employment). Unfortunately for him, Congress wouldn't go along with getting America involved in a war that was on the other side of the war and none of America's business. To get around this, FDR provoked Japan to attack - if he couldn't get America involved in the European conflict, he would bring the war to America and backdoor his way to get Congressional approval. This made him the most corrupt President in history (until Biden came along, that is). Provoking an attack against your own country is defined as "treason". It should be pointed out that both Woodrow Wilson and FDR were Democrats.
    • 11stevo73
      Hunter Bidens art isn't more corrupt than Trump. The pathetic Joe Biden isn't corrupt? Whos the puppet Master?
  • They got a Trump hangover.
  • Trump lives rent-free in their heads, while their ideology crumbles under the failing Joe Biden.
  • "Why do democrats keep posting about Trump?" Why did Republicans whine about Clinton's non-criminal affair for two decades, and still can't let it go? People are talking about Trump for several reasons: 1. He lost and is in the news constantly whining about his loss, and he keeps falsely claiming he didn't, and is getting some idiot states to spend money investigating nothing, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars. MARICOPA!! 2. He keeps putting himself in the spotlight, holding rallies, lying to stupid people who are stupid enough to keep listening to him, and 3. The criminal investigations into his many criminal acts are still ongoing. The news and activity is current. 4. His multi-billion dollar border wall project is falling apart and crumbling because, like everything he did, it was very poorly done - while he kept telling people it was the best thing ever built!! It is FALLING APART, end to end!! A total waste of billions of dollars by Trump - again,a nd NONE OF IT was paid for by MExico, even though his promise from Day 1 was that all of it would be. Another PATHOLOGICAL LIE from Whore-Buying Orange Don! Are you too clueless and uneducated to understand any of those points??
    • 1465
      Clinton committed perjury - that may not be a big deal to Liberals, but it is according to the rule of law. "1)" - Why are you and the rest of the sewer vermin complaining about the Maricopa investigation? What are you afraid of them finding? It can't be the taxpayer money being spent - look at the overflowing pork barrel on Biden's presidential bucket list. "2" "lying", "lying", lying" - that's becoming a broken record with Liberals. Where is the proof? Why isn't equal air time being given to Pinnochio Joe's lies (and there have been a lot - all he does is lie). "3" "Many criminal acts"...? You mean the Russian collusion or the Ukraine call - or maybe he got caught crossing a street before the light turned green...? "4" Why do you exemplify the border wall - why act as if stopping its construction was a disappointment to you? He didn't stop it - your "god" Biden stopped it when he opened the borders after saying he wouldn't (one of his many lies that continues). He denies that he has open borders even as illegals come pouring in by the hundreds of thousands per month. You're the one who is clueless.
    • Charin Cross
      too right! too right!
    • Hulk70156
      Check this out:
    • Hulk70156
    • 1465
      Nice going Hulk - two links that go nowhere. Is that your way of intimidating people - by providing dead links to make them think you have actual proof of some kind? Do you just assume that they'll be too scared to click on them? LOL
  • It's kind of passe, but I think they don't want to draw attention to Biden "and" they are afraid that Trump will return.

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