• AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Matthew Dowd, a former political advisor to Republican President George W. Bush, announced Wednesday that he will run as a Democrat for Texas lieutenant governor.
    • DancesWithWolves
  • Texas. A state full of a LOT of hate for people. I don't even want to be there long enough to change planes in one of their airports.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Yes I agree with you
  • Gee, I hope all this excitement doesn't make you pee your pants.
    • Chicagoan
      You mean, the way supporting the Orange Emperor's Big Lie makes you fill your diapers? You're hardly one to talk.... You clearly crap your drawers with every chance to talk about your conspiracy garbage.
    • 1465
      What "Big Lie" are you talking about?
    • DancesWithWolves
      Wow SMH
    • Chicagoan
      "What "Big Lie" are you talking about?" OH! Sorry, I forget, you don't seem to know much about current events, since your head is covered in a TINFOIL HAT and is typically crammed up your behind. Let me help you out here. The BIG LIE is a common term used today to describe the BIG LIE of Election Fraud that has been falsely put forward by Whore-Buying Orange Don and anyone stupid enough to believe him. He tried to move his BIG LIE forward in over 60 courts, and lost every time, because when it came time to provide this crazy thing called EVIDENCE that courts rely on to deliberate lawsuits, Orange Don and his Loser Lawyers had ZERO EVIDENCE every time. Just lies and false accusations that amounted to NOTHING. More recently, the BIG LIE has been further exposed, ever since one of Whore-Buying Orange Don's cohorts, RUDY GIULIANI, made an official court appearance, and in is his testimony under oath, RUDY GIULIANI admitted that their accusations never had any factual basis, they knew that they had No Evidence, and they kept perpetuating the BIG LIE anyway because that's what they were paid by Whore-Buying Orange Don to do. (By the way, this even includes the US Supreme Court on TWO DIFFERENT OCCASIONS - where they ALL, voting 9-0 each time, LAUGHED the TRUMP BIG LIE out of their house for coming there with NOTHING FACT-BASED and NO EVIDENCE. Yeah, that includes Trump's own appointees!!) Oh, and something else pretty major happened recently to also illustrate further how this BIG LIE always seems to finish in a DEAD END. That is a significant little event called: MARICOPA! MARICOPA! A fly by night, never-before hired group of right-wing idiots tried to pull a fast one there, and they couldn't even put their FRAUDIT together well enough to help HALITOSIS DON. They even found MORE votes for Biden!! LOL!! But found ZERO FRAUD. ZERO EVIDENCE OF ANY FRAUD. NOTHING to support the Big Lie. There. I hope that helps. Pull your head out, loosen up your TINFOIL HAT, and read something other than that POS Rag called The Federalist... OH - BY THE WAY - when you reply to this, PLEASE use more unsupported allegations, more claims without proof, more TINFOIL HAT nonsense, to further prove my point. Every time you spout your fantasy, conspiracy garbage, all I can do is LMFAO. It's great entertainment.

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