• Its too early to know what Biden will do. He inherited a mess from covid 19 thanks to the Chinese government's biological attack on the world. His withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster worse than Hanoi and the consequences of giving them all those high dollar weapons are still to come. But its very early in his term. Maybe he'll clear his head and start acting like he learned SOMETHING from his 50 years in politics! I pray he does for all our sakes.
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      Thank you for your comment
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      Don't count on him "clearing his head" - he doesn't know where he is half the time. He's on a mission to do everything against the policies Trump had set up - including a botched retreat from Afghanistan that even his military advisers were against. He didn't care about the Americans and allies he left behind - all he wanted to do was give 80 billion dollars worth of weapons to the Taliban and reduce the chances of survival for those he abandoned.
  • I can't imagine Biden running for a 2nd term. I will be amazed if he makes it thru the 1st term. I don't think Trump should run though, even if he doesn't end up arrested.
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  • You really should subscribe to a factual media source.
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      Oh really SMH

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