• Interesting question, actually. As I get older, I'm more selective about what I do and where I go. That's because I have this scenario playing over and over in my head that the last place I consciously record in my memory is where I will spend eternity. Maybe it doesn't make sense to others, but if I were to choose the place where I would die, I would prefer it to be in a pleasant setting rather than a chaotic or violent one.
  • The hospital. But my first choice would be my own bed. I just hope I'm wearing a diaper. Some people loose their bowels when they die. I don't want anyone to have to clean that up.
    • 1465
      When the time comes, it won't matter.
  • If you have to ask how I died, 1465 and Linda Joy did it. lol
  • The hospital
  • I am going to be raptured so I will not die.
  • In another guy's bed

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