• Not a chance. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that 3 out of the 9 smoke it on a daily basis.
    • Hulk70156
      Actually I think all 9 have. lol
    • Victorine
      I'm sure Brett Kavanaugh's smoked a lot of pot, in between drinking binges. The guy likes to party by all accounts.
  • {{ Do you think smoking pot should disqualify a judge from serving on the Scotus? }} It's certainly a smart political move on his part. Imagine the uproar if he did NOT admit to it and then it were made public knowledge. His strategy makes him appear completely honest and preserves his reputation. Also: considering it was the Reagan era, remember that Reagan was the "War on Drugs" guy. His appointing someone who had once indulged in marijuana would also have been a bad political move for HIM. {{ He did this in college when everyone else did. }} BZZT! Not everyone else did. Though admittedly I attended University about 10 years later, I can count on one hand the number of fellow students I knew who occasionally smoked marijuana.
  • Of course not. It hasn't disqualified presidential candidates since.
  • Not back in the 70's.
  • No since pot is legal in some states.

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