• Raising a child depends on the values taught by the parents. There is no good or bad "time" to have children. Today's leaders were once children and it's up to today's children to become effective leaders in their era.
  • The world is actually safer and more secure, offering more opportunities to more children in more countries, than it ever has. Only someone poorly educated in history would think otherwise. I didn't hesitate to have two children in the 90s and I wouldn't now.
    • Linda Joy
      You didn't have children until you were 35? And why do you continue to personally attack anyone you *think* disagrees with you?
    • Victorine
      Dear, I am not "personally attacking" you. One wonders why you are so convinced I was.
  • Nope. I like my kids fried or baked. Not scrambled like I was. lol 😍
  • If I did Linda, I'd home school them, and get them interested in a hobby.

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