• Try reading it and find out for yourself - if it doesn't burn your fingers.
  • No. All versions of the Bible teach essentially the same things about Jesus (because all versions of the Bible contain a translation of the very same set of documents describing Jesus' life). Now: each Bible version includes a different translation of that set of documents...but they all include that same set of documents. ***There are pseudepigrapha*** (, at least) that describes Jesus in a way that can be used to characterize him as a murderer. There is a ***parable told by Jesus*** in the Biblical Gospels that some anti-Christian people use to characterize Jesus as a murderer. BUT...the Bible itself does NOT charge Jesus with murder...not at any point, not in any fashion.
  • No. I'm an atheist and a historian whose field of specialization includes Judeo-Christian religious history. There is no "version" of the Bible in which Christ is a "murderer". There's really only one canonical version of the Christian Bible. There are the apocryphal books, but they are Old Testament, so they certainly don't present Jesus as a murderer. You may be referring to old Christian folktales, not part of the Bible, in which the child Jesus strikes dead other children who won't play with him or something similar.
    • Hulk70156
      Thanks, Its in the Gospel of Thomas which was in the Nag Hamadi which is a Gnostic gospel.

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