• Yeah...too bad the idea wasn't published in Biden's "Cat In The Hat" books.
    • Hulk70156
      Interesting choice of authors. Congratulations! I see you are familiar with his work. Have you read his new stuff?
    • 1465
      No. I'm into intellectual reading. But feel free to let me know if it helps you.
    • Hulk70156
      Intellectuals know the Holocaust was real, unlike you.
    • 1465
      The "intellectuals" you hang out with, perhaps. But I prefer people who don't claim to be the "Aristocrats of the world".
    • Hulk70156
      Maybe they're aristocrats because they're smarter than you.
  • those Taliban live in bible days and are evil
      Just wanted to point out: Islam and Qur'an originated about five centuries after the last of the "Bible days".
  • it takes one to know one. the Biden crime family I mean.
    • Hulk70156
      You mean the Bush Jr crime family. He put us into Afghanistan in the first place. lol
  • Probably will. They will go back to jihadi training again so they can export their "Islamic values" to the western nations with terrorist trained and educated in Afghanistan and paid for by Iran.
  • IF the Taliban is given time to consolidate their control over Afghanistan...yes, that is EXTREMELY likely. I SUSPECT that we and other NATO nations will not "sit on their hands" and that they (we) will instigate "War on Taliban Part 2" within a few months. *** PS *** After reading that we withdrew troops as part of Biden's plan to "end the war in Afghanistan", I retract my answer. It seems likely that we will do nothing more in Afghanistan to suppress the Taliban until a terrorist attack originating from there takes place on U.S. soil.
  • The United States has kept the Taliban under control the entire time we've occupied areas of the Middle East. But other countries in that region have become too dependent on America and don't want to pull their own weight. We're getting tired of supporting them and getting little or no action from them in return. Thus, the plan was made to pull out of Afghanistan and leave the weapons to the Taliban. They're not to harm Americans and we won't harm them in return - they can have the Middle East and bring it under control. If they break their part of the bargain, they know that the US will take them out and ask no questions.
  • For sure. Just like Lebanon, Iran, Yemen and Iraq.

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