• No, because I am myself fully vaccinated, and where I live, most people are. If the unvaccinated become seriously ill, or become mildly ill but pass illness to others who are severely affected, it will be the result of their own stupidity. There may be tragic results, but there is nothing I can do about that but observe.
  • It's sad that gullible people are being convinced to do things against their own best interests by those who have an agenda and don't care who is hurt by it. It seems that now there's a push to get people to reject the vaccine in an effort to push up deaths in order to make Biden look bad, which is unspeakably immoral. However, it looks like some people don't care how much human suffering they cause for the sake of "winning" some kind of culture war.
  • No. But there could be a good reason a particular person can't get the vaccine. I also don't loose sleep over people who for whatever reasons just can't stand for anyone to not do what they tell everyone to do and force their opinions and agenda on others. This is still America where we each have the freedom to choose for ourselves. To try to force everyone else to obey you is tyrannical. (Not you personally, of course, but those who act that way)
  • I call them Covidiots.

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