• "Order out if Chaos" that's the motto.
  • The world is not in chaos. In fact, the world is actually less violent and much safer than it used to be. Believe me, you would not have wanted to live hundreds of years ago. Take it from a historian.
  • America is a superpower with many global responsibilities, militarily and financially. so when the US is being led by a weak, demented old coot, the world is going to be affected in a very negative way. the Taliban is on the move, terrorism is on the rise in the Middle East, the corrupt CIA is probably behind the assassination of the Haitian President, and Biden is loosening the sanctions on Iran. WWIII can only be around the corner.
    • Victorine
      Discuss it with your shrink. You need one.
  • Agreed. The "do what you want" attitude may come into full effect in 2022.
  • The world is no more chaotic now than it's ever been. Chaos is a constant state of affairs in the world. However, people who have recently gotten old enough to notice what's happening in the world often compare the present time to their childhood, in which they were blissfully unaware of any chaos, and think the chaos is new.

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