• its all getting like dictators making us sign in every where we go here in australia
    • Kevin1960
      Nah! It's common sense when dealing with Democrats.
  • Yes, and there's far more to it than just voter ID laws. There is a concerted attack on democracy with attacks on voting rights, a push to make it legal for officials to ignore the results of elections, and a push for more authoritarian rule and far less freedom. Many states are passing laws making protest illegal or making it legal to kill protesters, which is a grotesque violation of the first amendment. Voter ID laws wouldn't be much of a problem if states didn't simultaneously make it next to impossible for poor people and minorities to get ID. Republicans don't want certain people to vote and they'll cheat in a hundred different ways to make sure poor minorities can't vote. In Texas, a student ID is not acceptable but a hunting license or firearms ID card is. That's blatant official preference for gun owners over college students as voters in the state, and such policies violate the Constitutional guarantee of equal rights under the law. I'm sure Faux News is spreading all sorts of nonsense about busloads of illegal aliens showing up with suitcases full of pre-marked ballots or whatever nonsense they're peddling this week, but as anyone who has ever worked an election knows, that doesn't, and can't, happen.
  • Of course not. See: WWI, Great Depression, WWII, Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • Leftists are the worst thing to happen to America since McCarthyism. Leftists are communists and don't belong in a free Republic. they are a cancer that must be excised!

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