• Which god are you talking about? Is it the same god that you can't prove to anyone else? Why are you talking about make-believe creatures that nobody can evidence, even after desperately trying for a few millennia? And by the way: If, in your cultist, fairy tale existence "evil has taken over the world" -- why then is your all-powerful god so powerless to stop it? And why (if he's ALL KNOWING) did he create evil in the first place, if he would have known this would be the eventual outcome?
  • the evil in the world is all man-made; the covid virus, rampant pedophilia, drug and human trafficking, illegal immigration, terrorism on the rise, unsolved murders, cancel culture, and speech oppression by the mainstream media, social media, gov't and corporations. Don't blame God. all this is on US!
  • So that whole "God is love" bit is a lie?

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