• Oh boy! Another link to Faux Noise that I won't click on, because it's nonsense!
    • Kevin1960
      How's that libturd mayor working out for ya'?
    • Victorine
      Ms. Lightfoot is working out very well, actually. She's certainly superior to little Donnie, holding a law degree and having had plenty of experience in important offices relevant to her current job. Thanks so much for asking.
    • Angster Gangster
      LOL RIGHT ,Right , why would anyone want to watch the news network thats had the #1 viewer rating since year 2002.! Much better for you to stick with one of the little cult propaganda radical left stations that no one actually watches..
  • Obama of course. He was behind all the Democrat presidential candidates dropping out, and Biden being installed. He was also behind the Dominion voting machines and the the voting fraud. Biden is Obama's 3rd term. Biden's dementia is egregiously obvious and he is taking America down with him. And anybody who can't see it at this point, doesn't WANT to see it.
  • "He was also behind the Dominion voting machines and the the voting fraud" LOL! You Tinfoil-Hat-people and all your silly, whack-a-doo nonsense. Over sixty cases in court, many courts presided over by judges that Trump appointed -- EVERY CASE WAS REVIEWED AND THROWN OUT for NO EVIDENCE -- including two cases at the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT - again, with three Trump judges ALL DECIDING AGAINST HIM for NO EVIDENCE. Your tinfoil hat is on too tight, snooks!
  • "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore"... "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain..."
  • I'm sure the answer is the opposite of whatever Faux News is claiming. Their reliability rating is way, way down. Everyone talking about Biden's supposed dementia has never watched one of his speeches, in which he speaks in full sentences with a vocabulary appropriate for a college graduate, unlike Trump who speaks in rambling sentence fragments with the vocabulary of a third grader.
    • Linda Joy
      Trump has an IQ of 156. YOU'RE the one that's too dumb to comprehend how smart he is.
    • pipey
      I've spent plenty of time with people with high IQs. Trump doesn't act like them at all. If he's that smart, why did he have to hide his grades? Why did he pay someone to take the SATs for him? Why wasn't he on the list of people who graduated with honors? Why did one of his professors say he was the "dumbest goddamn student I ever taught"? Why did Rex Tillerson call him a "f***ing moron"? Face it, Trump is the stupid person's idea of a smart person. Actual smart people can see how dumb he is.

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