• im not a doctor..but is best to stay away from medications if possible... ask your doctor whats best for you ..
  • First, see a doctor. You should probably be referred for therapy and a psychiatric consult, because only a psychiatrist can really decide whether you should try medication and which might be best for you. Give that this is an intermittent problem, not a continuous one, it may be that cognitive behavioral therapy would work well. It could be caused by circumstances, and you may just need to learn how to manage it. There are no OTC medicines that are really effective for anxiety -- all of the effective ones are prescription only. Herbal supplements just don't work for many people. However, magnesium supplements have been shown in medical studies to be useful on a long-term basis. Most people don't get enough from their diets. Try 250 mg per day. You could see results in a few weeks. Don't take them if you have kidney problems and please see your doctor about all this.

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