• the corona virus
    • Linda Joy
      Aren't most of us immune by now, either by artificial or natural means?
  • Overpopulation, climate change, and Russian and Chinese aggression.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't think population is an issue overall. There may be pockets where people choose to collect where there may be issues with overpopulation, but it would be cured if they'd spread out. Climate change has existed since the beginning of time and I don't see it as an issue either. I'm uneducated on the aggression issue, probably because I don't want to know. Last I knew it was those in the middle east that were terrorizing the world. Though Russia has a history of being aggressive, don't they? I thought the Chinese had relegated themselves to pirating technology and practicing capitalism to the world while keeping their subjects under communist rule. Do you have the time or inclination to explain this to me a little more?
    • dalcocono
      China says they are preparing for nuclear war with the US according to an MSN news article a couple days back. They are trying to stop international traffic in the south China sea and the have their sights set on taking over Taiwan by force, They are flexing their muscles and trying to expand into empire. Putin seems interested in reviving the old soviet union again, and his military frequently challenges ours. I think the over population is really critical and the climate change is affecting food production for the 8 billion of us on the planet. More and more other species are going extinct due to us destroying habitat, or hunting them to the last one. Think about the billions of domestic animals we need to support too, to insure our food supply. Some govt officials are actually discussing banning beef due to cows gastric tracts creating methane, and air pollution due to their huge numbers. We have become so successful as a species that we live longer and reproduce prolifically, adding to the burden on the planet. Major industrial nations like the US, China and India cause the lions share of pollution while other nations bear the brunt of the consequences, such as the polar ice caps melting down and sea levels rising
    • Linda Joy
      I guess its natural to challenge the new President, and China is probably pissed at Trump for evening up the trade situation. (I've never believed anyone should pay restitution to someone who started and lost a war!) "Enough food is produced today to feed everyone on the planet..." The problems are the government regimes and warring factions that want to commit genocide on their enemies. And a few other things I wasn't aware of. This is a good article though a little dated on some issues and solutions that should help:,to%20be%20%E2%80%9Cchronically%20undernourished%E2%80%9D. I just can't buy into man made climate change. There have always been climate fluctuations. And the warmer weather is not nearly as dangerous at the ice ages that invariably follow. Species have been going extinct long before man came along. Can't methane be captured and used as fuel? The more CO2 we have in the atmosphere the more plants grow and scrub the air. Frankly animals are not necessary for food. Methane comes off the plants whether the cows eat it or not. And I'd think the methane is far less of a problem than feeding the animals our food! "We can convert 2.5 pounds of feed concentrate into 1 pound of chicken and 3.5 pounds of feed concentrate into 1 pound of pork, but it takes about 6 pounds of concentrate to produce 1 pound of beef. " Also it sure doesn't help they use our food also to make fuel. They could use plants we are unable to eat for that. And since covid 19 deaths have increased and reproduction is actually down! I have to agree that US China and India are responsible for the majority of the pollution, but I don't think melting ice caps are as much of an issue as the rainfall in underdeveloped nations. However many of these are getting help with the access and purification of water, as well as the technology and equipment to irrigate. Thanks for the discussion. I learned in the process.
  • The GOP (Party of Conspiracy Theory and non-Facts) is a threat to our democracy. Coronavirus will remain a threat until the right-wing morons in America step-up and get vaccinated. Climate change is already starting to kick our collective butts, and it will get far worse before people wake up.
    • Linda Joy
      So, where will the beach front property be when this sucker melts down?
  • COVID-19

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