• Well, you could also ask, "Why are our tax dollars sent to Israel being used to oppress Palestinians and build illegal settlements?" Plenty of Jewish Americans are asking that question, because they feel their interests and Israel's diverged long ago. The simple reality is that we can't control very well how our aid to any country or group ends up being used.
    • Kevin1960
      Odd? If you shut down funding to Gaza, and you quit giving money to Iran (as Obama did) the missiles stop flying and the death toll drops. Just wanted to point that out.
    • Victorine
      We didn't "give" money to Iran. We unfroze their own assets. And the deal Obama and other countries signed with Iran was working very well until Trump stupidly pulled us out of it. In any case, we have good reasons to try to maintain decent relationships with BOTH the Palestinians and the Israelis. If you don't grasp what those are, your education has failed you, dear.
    • Kevin1960
      Dearie, why would you give money in any ways, means, shape, or form to a country who is a proven state sponsor of terror? Simply ignorant. Seems your education failed you long ago.
  • That is because our current president is inept. You give evil people money and they use it for evil.
  • Because assholes.

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