• Regret is too complex an emotion, I think. They can certainly grasp that they did something wrong and may be on the receiving end of their owner's anger. That's about as far as it goes.
    • Linda Joy
      I agree.
  • Some of the recent photographs from the Hubble Orbiting Telescope are really amazing!
    • Linda Joy
      No link? They're beautiful!
  • No. Because they live at the moment only and have short attention span. Regret requires memory which they obviously don't have
  • I know cats do. I had a cat who scratched me accidentally. I was playing with her and I screamed. He looked at me and saw the blood. His expression became very wide-eyed and he let out a strange sound. That was when I learned to treat animals with a lot more respect. They are more human than we give them credit for.😉
    • Linda Joy
      " I was playing with her and I screamed. He looked at me and saw the blood. " So was it a male or a female?
  • Well...if we define "regret" as "guilt over one's actions", then I think we can agree that dogs DO feel regret. Dogs who have been trained not to do some thing and then do that thing anyway do often seem to express guilt over said action...even **before** being punished or scolded.
  • ABSOLUTELY animals feel things as deeply as humans. they may not have a name for it, but the emotion is there. Ever watch elephant herds come acknowledge and say goodbye to a fallen elephant? It's heart wrenching.
  • Unlike humans, they don't have the ability to reason.

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