• LOL - I wondered when you'd show up here. :D
  • Or Emergency or Preparedness! Oh no! Judging us so soon?
  • We encounter Blatant descrimination at every turn yet WE are called bigots' & blasphemers! There just aint no Justus north of the pecos . .
  • There are no categories for lots of stuff...just mainstreamer topics here. Try Mewe. Ruqqus, or 8kun for the offroad subjects.
  • Nobody is discriminating here this was a small question and answer group a lot of those categories have not been created you're free to create those categories start asking questions about them and those categories will show up automatically
  • It's called religions A to z. Just add your religion to the A to z list
  • Start posting questions in Religion and see if you attract enough interested posters to justify a separate category addressing the subjects that concern you. In other words, put some WORK into it, dear, if you really give a damn. It's not up to other people to divine and serve your personal preferences. You're not the Mother Goddess of the Universe. So, get moving, sweetie. And develop a little humility.

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