• Not saving enough money
    • Linda Joy
      For retirement?
  • Trust nobody, not even family, high price paid for that.
    • Linda Joy
      Been there, too!
  • See a doctor, even if you think your symptoms probably don't mean anything. Better to learn it was a waste of time and money than otherwise.
    • Linda Joy
      Very good advice! I'd like to add: Keep your annual exams! That's how they found my cancer small and early!
  • For those of you who are suffering from "Regret-itis" I recommend a book called "Midnight Library." Its very simple and short to read. Its won several book club awards. It says that regrets are based on fantasy. If you say you should have done B instead of A you are saying that B would have worked out better than A. How do you know that? Nobody can foretell the future. Its a fantasy.😉
  • I've made many mistakes in my life but I know why I made them and I understand that given what I was going through at the time, there wasn't a realistic alternative.

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