• Super-easy. All they have to do is say, "Yes, thank you."
  • I mean, literally every one of them does so...except if your mental image is two people meeting in a darkened parking garage with a suitcase full of cash, that's NOT how bribes happen in modern politics. What happens is that the briber gives some kind of benefit to a family member of the bribed politician. Some examples are Joe Biden's son who has literally never held a single job in his life that he was qualified for, yet has been paid 6+ figure salaries and been given other benefits. Another example is Bernie Sanders, whose wife was given the Presidency of a local university...which she ran into near bankruptcy and gave her daughter a 'consulting' position where she was paid extravagantly for .... well, no one really knows what value she brought. It appears she brought no value. Or Christopher Dodd who got sweetheart loans from Countrywide while he was on the committee that oversaw Countrywide. Did you notice how many people started staying at Trump hotels during the Trump administration? That's how bribes work in modern politics.
  • Ask some of our favorite politicians who have been convicted of bribery. Randal DUKE Cunningham - millions. La GOV Ed Edwards, millions. Of course, Richard Nixon. There's TRUMP and all his properties that have made bank because of his presidency (and the way he did it violates federal law). Over 15 people in the Reagan Admin for the Iran Contra bribes. Newt Gingrich, forced to resign over an illegal book deal. Scooter Libby and Karl Rove - both forced to resign... this could be a HUGE HUGE list... go look them up!
  • Everyone has a price.
  • Well, they sort of do every time they accept major campaign contributions. Those contributions aren't made for nothing. However, if they took money or gifts from, say, lobbyists, to vote certain way, there are serious laws against this. See this site:

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