• Oh, I don't care. The more lawsuits he's dealing with, the more money he's bleeding, and since he's not remotely as rich as he's pretended to be, that's a problem for him. The guy's an idiot who was totally unqualified to be president. I don't care who sues him. The more the merrier.
    • Kevin1960
      Unqualified? I think you're deaf, and watch way to much CNN.
    • Victorine
      Sweetie, I never watch CNN or any television news. I get my information from serious, reliable print sources. And what elective offices had little Donnie ever held? What experience relevant to high office did he have? He was a reality television celebrity "experienced" at nothing but self-promotion, with a whole string of bankruptcies, failed businesses, loan defaults, and stiffed creditors behind him. The guy can't open his mouth without lying, and as someone of my acquaintance commented recently, he never sounds as though he managed to make it past the 5th grade. If you genuinely think he was qualified to be president, you are no brighter than he is.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Victorine - you are 100% correct. You're arguing with a coward that we call a "Trump-butt-licker" who loves a president that loves whores, tax evasion, dodging the military, sleeping with hookers while his wife is in the hospital, launching an attack on our country's Capitol Building, and is a racist White Supremacist. So, you can't really expect much from a No Values Lowlife like this guy. The self-loathing types hate themselves so much that they come to site like this, and all they do is post questions about "I love whore-buying Orange Don" and "I hate liberals" and "I hate Democrats" day after day after day. Which is why he has these three ways with WhoringCross and Archie Bunker - the Double-Digit IQ Club. LOL. What a crew...
  • That's a frivolous lawsuit. Trump has bigger problems. I think it's about 50/50 odds that he's in jail by 2024.
    • Archie Bunker
      In jail for what, exactly?
    • Victorine
      Tax fraud for starters.
  • Hmm, since the virus first appeared in China, and came here from there, I think that lawsuit will probably be dismissed. Andrew Yang should sue the racist cartoonist that turned him into a caricature though.
  • The question should be, why is he being sued. It is a virus that came from China.
    • pipey
      It's the intention. He did it with the intention of throwing any blame for an inadequate response away from himself and onto China, and he wanted to stir racial tensions. Looks like that part was quite successful, considering the number of attacks on Asian Americans in the last year plus.
    • Douglas Wade
      What are you talking about, Trump did an excellent with his response to Covid. He closed down flights from China at the end of January of 2020 to prevent the spread here. Shortly after Trump shut down entry from some European countries as well. He also started a Covid response team lead by Pence and reported every day. How do you blame Trump on attacks on Asian Americans? The Covid virus came from China, so let's attack an Asian? How stupid is that?

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