• This is a bit better than Yahoo Answers, in terms of the graphics. I've posted and answered questions in Yahoo Answers for over 10 years, and Yahoo Answers seems to have many more users than this site.
    • Charin Cross
      sometimes the graphics get in the way of the question and you can't read it.
    • RJ
  • Nope, the Administrators all suck and too many haters on here so don't turn your back on anyone but there are some nice people on here the ones who are haters, don't even like themselves, I've tried to get Unsubscribed from this site and even told them I wanted off of here , They even bully me on here so just beware
    • Charin Cross
      you're a bully too with your political questions calling conservatives, "radical Republicans".
    • DancesWithWolves
      Your trouble with brainwash Trump
    • Charin Cross
      your trouble for being so politically gullible.
  • No best answers, and no pics. You see the same thing here all the time.
  • Not even close. YA! was better, especially before they stopped comments. Prior to that, many people wrote in asking for help from remodeling and animal care, to emotional issues. I even liked some of the troll questions. they were funny and it was fun reading the answers from people they annoyed. here on Answerbag, most of the questions are from the same 5 people. the questions don't have a time on them (short time ago doesn't cut it), so you end up replying to the same question you answered the week before. YA! prevented that. And YA! gave points for answering a question and more points if it was given "best answer". points are fun and incentivizing. Answerbag also has no place for its members to make suggstions. there are other things that could improve Answerbag, but the owners don't want to know or carre.
  • No, it needs a lot of improvement. However, it has potential. I notice that trolls haven't infested it, which is a positive. Let's hope the moderation is more effective.
  • I think YAHOO ANSWERS had many more options and flexibility.
  • no way...... not enough categories and no best answer and seems pretty plain as we cant post pictures or videos here only a link, ..but at least theres no filth here and there dont seem to be bullying like i saw in answers ...... and we have the comment box if people want to make a comment back to a user ..but answer's is dead so this really does beat answers ...
  • not as good but it is ok

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