• I love the way people who haven't achieved remotely as much as she has at a remarkably young age sneer at her. When you get yourself into Congress, dear, perhaps we'll take you seriously. This "question," by the way, doesn't suggest that you have much to say. It's hardly the product of an incisive intellect.
    • Kevin1960
      She should have stuck to bartending. She wouldn't have cost her constituency near so many jobs.
    • OrangeDonRump
      And you should stick to supervising the Fry Baskets at McDonald's, Kevin. She will achieve more in an average weekend, than you'll ever achieve in your whole life, whining about liberals on a fly-by-night bulletin board....
    • Chicagoan
      V & O/D - you already said what needed to be said. Seems that thinking people really get under this guy's skin, causing more crybaby whining then I have seen from anyone
  • She has become adept at renting an apartment and using garbage disposals but generally speaking remains a twit.
    • Hulk70156
      @ Tomihouston - what are you talking about?
  • Of course she does. She's quite well-educated and seems to understand the workings of government quite well. I've noticed that it's usually uneducated people who don't like her personally who try to claim that she doesn't know anything and spread insults about her abilities.
  • Who cares. She's got nice ta-ta's!
  • She knows your a Radical Republican who worships fake Christians like Donald Trump
    • Kevin1960
      A fake Christian would be someone who simultaneously supports abortion. Now, who fits that description?
    • OrangeDonRump
      Well, since over 75% of the abortions in the US are obtained by Christian and Catholic women, sounds like MILLIONS of Christians are, by your own definition. By the way, Orange Don bangs whores while his wife is in the hospital, and he's an open White Supremacist. So, since he's anti-abortion (except when one of his hookers gets pregnant) - I guess all the other stuff he does doesn't matter, and he isn't a fake Christian? REALLY??
    • pipey
      Yes, I remember all the sermons Jesus preached against abortion - oh, wait, he didn't say a word about it. The Old Testament is filled with passages indicating that a fetus was not considered a full human being, but who cares about what the Bible says? Fundies only listen to the Revised Bible preached by their pastors.
    • OrangeDonRump
      pipey --- 100% correct!!
    • Kevin1960
      In response to OrangeDonRump's earlier comment, it's unfortunate his mother never found religion.
    • Chicagoan
      It's unfortunate when anyone finds religion. It creates mindless people. And, by the way, it's very rarely found -- it is usually brainwashed into children starting at very young ages.
  • She is very clever.
  • she is smart and sassy
  • She definitely knows how to use social media to bring attention to herself.
    • Victorine
      In that, she's in the company of millions of other people. That's how people of her generation behave. It's basically how anyone in the public eye NEEDS to behave now in order to draw attention to causes, issues, whatever happens to be his or her concern. The world has changed on that score. The rest of us have to deal with it.
  • She knows how to make a mean martini. That's really about it.
  • this is the culmination of what happens when liberal academia gets hold of your kids.
    • Chicagoan
      And to see what a conservative, butt-stupid education gets you - go to any fast food restaurant and check out the workforce.
  • She is very smart and the future of politics. Besides, she ain't bad looking!
  • AOC isn't a party hack like everybody else is politics is. She's a free spirit cares about the country. She's also not a Trumpster and is a true patriot unlike some people here who support the overthrow of our founders government..😒

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