• Love it - I honestly think that's a great idea.
    • dalcocono
      Me too. I bet there would be a rush to be vaccinated.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Here we go again - Linda and Archie - complaining about the Stimulus checks again -- complaining ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK when they cashed theirs! LMAO!! Anyway, enough about the goddam hypocrites here...... The gov't is ALREADY spening tons of money to try and motivate people to get vaccinated. I think having a lottery is a great way to do it. It's working in several states that are using this approach now. When people are too stupid, or too Conspiracy Theory to do it, then motivate them with money. If it works, that's great. Other "attempts" cost money, too.
  • No. Quit giving taxpayer dollars to people who aren't working. If you subsidize something, you always get more of it.
  • No. While I'm fully vaxed, I don't think stimulus checks are a good idea at all. Every time the government gives away money it makes everyone else's worth less and causes inflation. I also don't think people should be compelled to be vaccinated. If they want to risk being infected that's their choice. Now if they want to go to public school, I think they should be vaxed or have a really good reason not to, for the sake of protecting our children. On an aside, why is it no one is as motivated to inspire others to get their measles vaccine? Do you think its lack of awareness or the political factor? Also what Archie said. Its not helpful or healthy to give handouts. It causes people to remain dependent and poor.
  • More rubbish from a fool. Open your eyes what exactly is Biden doing to help the people? Who is going to pay for the money he is giving away? Money is losing value how long until the USA is a third world country?
    • OrangeDonRump
      And despite all your whining, you were more than happy to cash YOUR Stimulus check. LMFAO!!
    • 11stevo73
      In Australia there is no stimulus check. Dickhead
    • dalcocono
      So, if you're in Australia, why bother with what Americans are doing with our tax dollars? Biden and his staff are discussing another stimulus anyhow, so why would it offend Aussies to tie a vaccination requirement to it?
  • nope,thats a bad idea doing that not anti vaxer by the way, but this vaccination is not perfect ,it has its side effects.. people here get blood clots and it dont stop you getting it or spreading it......ya dont get as sick BUT still ,people should not just be a number
    • OrangeDonRump
      "people here get blood clots and it dont stop you getting it or spreading it" internet horse-PUCKY. Grow up, fool.

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