• Quora, Reddit?
  • .nowhere really can replace yahoo answers in reddit ..they do have a polls and survey ..its a difficult site to work out though ..but some yahooers are there
  • Nowhere is a good substitute :/
  • This is the closest thing I have been able to find. I tried Quora and, but I didn't care for either one. Reddit can be fun, but it isn't really a question and answer site.
  • There is no site that is just like YA. Quora is VERY different, as are Similar Worlds and Answerbag has some potential, but it needs work. You simply have to accept that there isn't another Yahoo Answers. If people are willing to put some effort into it and try to keep the trolls out, we may be able to improve Answerbag.
  • I just read that Apollo is buying Yahoo and AOL. Maybe they will bring back Yahoo Answers.

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