• That depends on how you manage your emotions and work through your abuse. You should seek mental health help either from a professional or reading some good books about it. Most abusers have been abused. Its what they know, its what's familiar. If you choose to abuse most people won't be very understanding of that. I understand it, but don't tolerate it. If you choose to rebuke the behavior, the repulsion of anyone by your scars alone will only to serve as a screen to filter out the ones who are not right for you. Just don't take over the job of your abusers by continuing to hurt yourself in the present that is now, by continuing to abuse yourself because of the things they did to you. Forgiveness doesn't mean what they did was o.k or that you have to allow them into your present life, but rather it means letting it go so it can stay completely in the past where it can't continue to hurt you by you repeatedly thinking about it and repeating the lies they told you about their abuse. Focus your energy on healing and doing the things that make you happy and one day the right woman will most likely join you in one of your happy endeavors. Just don't appear desperate for a woman. Know one will come along. Make a list of what you want in a partner, and a list of deal breakers so you don't let the wrong one in, but it will also help you understand what you want. Date a lot. Don't rush in. There is also makeup for scars, but I wouldn't dwell on that.
  • You can't generalize. Women are not all the same, and much depends on how a man is behaving, how he's coped with the abuse. Given your history, I hope you are in therapy. That's the best way to put yourself on a track to romantic and general life success and satisfaction. If you are moving forward in a healthy manner, you will increase your chances of finding a partner to move forward with you. By the way, your history of abuse has caused you to see YOURSELF as "weak and unworthy". You're projecting your feelings about yourself onto women, assuming that they will perceive you as you perceive yourself. That's one thing you will need to work on in therapy.

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