• No, but without it, the earth was certainly depopulated. Millions of people have died of Covid.
  • That was a really stupid thing to suggest. Grow up, Trumpie. I've lost an uncle and two friends to COVID-19, all were younger than I am.
  • Wherever Gates and Soros and Fauci is planning & plotting....nothing there would surprise me. That said, so far the depopulation is off to a dismal start. Perhaps it just needs a lot more leftist guinea pigs to reach a transgenic 'tipping point'? Roll up them sleeves Comrades!
  • No! It is meant to prevent you from getting sick, winding up on a ventilator in the ICU and possibly getting a new place to "live" underground. Take the damn vaccine MD
  • well it must not prevent covid, becasue tonight on my Brisbane news people were told if you are comiing into Queensland from any infected area in Victoria , you have to hotel quarantine for 2 weeks even if you are fully vaccinated with 2 jabs
    • OrangeDonRump
      Oh boy, someone else who can't THINK...
    • OrangeDonRump
      Another stupid thing to say - thank you Spamela. By the way, it's an added precaution that some countries are taking, because many right-wing morons are crafting phony vaccination cards.
    • pamela
      it was Drs telling the politicians people cant come here from badly infected Victoria even if fully theyd have to quarantine { so vaccination is not perfect} . people here in australia are still catching covid even though they are vaccinated...ya .dont get as sick they say but ya can still get it and pass it on!!!!!!!! ,,and thats no lie
    • Franco333
      And another sheeple who only lets others (like CNN, Rachel Madcow, habitual liar Fauci, et al) think for him.
    • mushroom
      @OP The vaccine does not prevent COVID, but it does prevent severe infection and likelihood of death. Yes, some people are asymptomatic, but the only way to identify that is to first catch COVID and the risk associated with it.
  • No, I think Covid was made to de-populate the Earth.
  • You got it right. Don't let no one deceive you into getting Satan's juice. That's why the unvaccinated people are getting bribed with money, hamburgers, tickets to events and so on if they get vaccinated.

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