• Of course it's OK. Why wouldn't it be? My brother doesn't drink, and not because of a history of alcoholism in our family or anything of the kind. He just doesn't like the taste. I had a boyfriend who didn't drink either, and few people gave him any trouble. I certainly didn't, though I DO drink. I think your problem is that you're hanging out with the wrong people. Stay away from bars, certain types of parties, and so forth. Find new friends. You might try online dating sites where you can state up front that you are teetotal.
  • it means you are a strong person not to drink. stay away from them violent people ,find friends that are not drunks....
  • Sure, drinking is a personal choice. It is not a requirement. I don't drink very often myself
  • It’s perfectly ok for a man not to drink. I am a man and I never drink alcohol as I know it only leads to problems such as being drunk and getting into trouble. I’m better off staying away from alcohol. It’s a choice I make based on being healthy and wise.
  • More stigma around drinking. (sigh) Jesus H Nipple... guilt guilt guilt.

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