• it seems like anyone questioning 'the main stream narrative' is attacked in the most insulting, mocking way, almost like they are being bullied to not even question the main stream narrative or 'truth'. i think they are called "fact checkers" today. I dont know how much they are paid or by who or why though.i think they are called "fact checkers" today. I dont know how much they are paid or by who or why though.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Questioning things or events is one thing - but to simply LIE about something (like claiming the Moon Landings never happened) without any evidence to back it up, is just stupid. Lame attacks like that deserve to be attacked back. It's called Karma, or "getting back what you dish out." There is so much evidence proving that man walked on the moon, it isn't even funny. Childish crap like that DESERVES to be mocked.
  • Well, I'm not one of those, because people should be free to question everything, and should, so here is one that I've enjoyed...
  • NASA, as well as other space agencies from other countries, have sent other lunar orbiters to scan and photograph the moon's surface, over the many years since mankind walked on the moon. And gee, guess what - they've all photographed the items and equipment that were left behind there, the trails from the Lunar Rover that the Lunar Astronauts drove around the landing site, and even many of the footprints are still visible there... If the US had staged the whole thing, any other country would LOVE any chance to call the US out on its hoax. Alas, they all found hard, solid evidence that we were there and took their own photos to prove it, just as it was known all along!! Any booger-eaters that are still calling this some kind of conspiracy theory are simply too stupid to think on their own.
  • I may not agree with what people say, but I will defend to the death, their right to say it.

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