• Not as much as you might think, for how so many had it. I think it was 50cents per gallon, so that's another dollar per 2 gallons, so yeah, it is a bit too much.
  • Every sitting president who is up for election, no matter which party, artificially keeps gas prices down until the election is over. Happens every time..
    • OrangeDonRump
      The Keystone pipeline had NOTHING to do with gas prices. FFS, people, why lie like that? It wasn't producing anything yet!! It has NO EFFECT on existing fuel prices! It's sad when people have to LIE about things just to attack politicians in another party - but it also shows you what little REAL ammunition they have to whine about...
  • Because on his first day in office he shut down the Keystone pipeline.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Why LIE like that, Linda? All that was shut down was construction. There was no pipeline yet, and it wasn't producing anything!!
  • Good 'ol Joe cancelled the Keystone XL, and negated oil and natural gas exploration in New Mexico. Basically, he hung us out to dry for the middle-eastern countries who don't like us.

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