• As the asker of the question, I would like to add that technology is evil making people lack emotional contact such as empathy, distract a person from reality and make them disconnected from the natural world
  • Presumably you mean "modern" technology, since some form of technology has been around since mankind started making tools. As a historian, I can tell you that for most of history modern technology didn't exist, and human beings managed reasonably well -- the species survived. Life was harder, of course, and life expectancy was briefer, but human lives were also calmer, quieter, slower-paced, and less stressful than ours in a variety of ways. (In other ways, they were often more stressful, again because of the lack of modern medicine and other issues.) Yes, it's true that men and women of the past were more aware of and connected with the natural world, but they were also at that world's mercy in ways we are not. And I am not prepared to agree that modern technology has caused us to lose empathy, though I do think that our focus on our various devices and gadgets is blinding us to the pleasures of face-to-face interaction, conversation, observation of what's going on around us, the leisurely perusal of books and newspapers, and other things that are -- or should be -- part and parcel of the pleasures of human life.
  • [[ People in the Stone Age and ice age lived their lives without the use of technology. ]] . . Absolutely NOT true. We find considerable technology among proto-human remains. Homo sapiens have ALWAYS employed a wide array of technology. . . . . [Why can’t people do the same nowadays?] . . They can...but it is obviously advantageous to employ technology. . . . . [Technology can be evil as it distracts the user from reality, makes them lack empathy and disconnected from the natural world.] . . There are natural things that can also do that, and lots of technology that does NOT do that.
  • It would be like the Dark Ages - you know, when Christianity controlled everything, people were miserable, and Christianity killed anyone who chose to THINK.
    • Victorine
      Even in the Middle Ages, people had forms of technology. And no, people who thought were not automatically killed. And people were not miserable.
  • Time would seem like it's paused. The advancement of technology has transformed the world by increasing the speed of time.
  • Like the Amish. And I disagree. There are tons of ways to help others all over the internet. If you're disconnected its YOUR CHOICE. Technology is a tool how you use it is up to you.
    • Shadow
      You misunderstand what I'm talking about. There are people in the world who are disconnected from the natural world because their heads are stuck in their gadgets and television for instance. There are other ways of helping people besides the internet such as contacting organisations in person. I'm referring to people who use technology in such a way that makes them lack the human side of things. It's nothing to do with my choice. I'm very in tune with the natural world as my head is not stuck in gadgets and other forms of technology unlike others.
  • yes lots of technology has been the cause of bad evil things and many have suffered .most people act decent but then that dont help the ones who suffer i know.,.,., but id miss it if it went away just the same
    • Shadow
  • Less crowded and fewer lines.

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