• *1* The gospel of Jesus Christ, which (summarized) explains the opportunity for eternal life in paradise. . . . . *2* Lots of people. If I am not mistaken, the denomination that has the most people doing so is the Roman Catholic Church. Probably they are doing so in the most nations as well. . . . . *3* What is WHAT "the end of"? (You should have read your question before submitting it.) . . . . *4* No, I've not been GIVEN a WITNESS, as a witness is a PERSON and it's generally not legal to GIVE a person to another person.
  • The good news of Jesus Christ coming Kingdom means that one day he will come back to the planet Earth bringing with him angels and a special group of people that he has trained from off of the Earth the Bible calls those people the 144,000 they will help Jesus Christ to govern us the survivors of the final war between good and evil the Bible calls that Armageddon. The good news is this system that we're living under right now that ends up killing every last one of us is going to be done away with. God's coming back to give every survivor every person that loves God a chance to live without ever dying in perfect health on a paradise like planet. That's some pretty good news friend we're not going to have to live like this forever getting sick and dying and working day in and day out while somebody collects our money and holds us hostage! Those days are coming to an end someday everybody will have peace happiness health and prosperity like you've never seen before. I've told my testimony many a Time how Jesus Christ began his life in me by saving me from being a crack cocaine addict and allowing me to witness about the name of Jehovah God the almighty God and about the coming of Jesus Christ Kingdom. And how many times have I done this well I've been doing it all the time I do it whenever I meet somebody in person I do it whenever I get on the internet. I don't turn in my time to any church I don't believe in that nonsense. Jesus Christ and his father sees the work that I'm doing and they monitor me if I don't work enough they let me know so in my heart

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