• My browser shows that it *is* secure.
    • Shadow
      That’s strange. It says not secure on the browser I use which is Safari
    • njkgftgdf
      I'm using Firefox. Still the best PC browser as far as I can tell.
  • I'm not, but I can't tell you what to concern yourself with. But then I keep all my super secret illuminati crap on the ACME super duper secret computer with invisible firewalls. (eye roll) Just how secret is the stuff on your computer, Shadow? A little more seriously here, I don't have anything on my computer that needs protecting. Its a desktop I bought refurbished online. If you have stuff you need to keep protected its probably more important. But I can tell you I've been here for 4 years now and if anything weird happened, I'm too dumb to know it.
    • Shadow
      There is nothing secret on my laptop but all computers need to be protected to keep them healthy and running well.
  • Yes, there are times it tells me that it's not secure
  • https means it's secure.
  • It is a secured website, because I am seeing a closed padlock in the site's URL
  • If I click a link in an email notification from AB my browser warns me it is not a secure site but if I type "https://" before the I get a secure version. The link from Google is usually the secure version too. Try saving the secure log in page in bookmarks & logging in before clicking the links in notification emails.

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