• LOL! good one! yeah, she knows. like with all Democrats, she ignores anything unpleasant. especially when they are the cause.
  • Only people with middle-school-level minds use names like "Kommie Harris," dear. Do you enjoy looking like a 12-year-old?
    • Charin Cross
      she IS a socialist/communist.
    • Victorine
      People online toss around the words "socialist" and "Communist" without really understanding what they mean. She is not a Communist. Moreover, the truth is that the only "socialism" that interests most Americans, including Harris, is European-style "soft socialism," which combines capitalism with good benefits for citizens. We have many "soft-socialist" programs in the US already. They include Medicare, Social Security, and public schools.
    • OrangeDonRump
      CHARIN - dumb as a bag of hammers, again!
  • Unlike Trump, she knows where the border with Mexico is. Trump thought Colorado bordered on Mexico.
  • Do try to grow up, dear, there's a good little boy. Are you remotely as well-educated as she is? Do you even know what Communism is? It appears not. Go back to school, dear.

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