• Not that I know of maybe in the future?
  • No, and I doubt they'll change it either. They are sorted last question answered or posted is the first in the questions list. Click questions at the top of the page. Other than that you can go to the person's profile and see a list of their questions by clicking their name in a question or answer. It will default to a list of their questions. You have to click answers to see the answers they've posted. And they are sorted by category at the top of the page. Click categories. Have fun!
  • You could probably set up categories in your profile, like: Normal People, Narcissists, Wife Killers, Racists., Fat Orange Pigs (that's mine, I'm Don Trump), White Supremacists, Big Mac Addicts, Prostitute Purveyors, Bicycle Riders, Doctors and Nurses, and so on... Pick any categories you like, and put the posts there.

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