• Forgiveness is not for the offender. Its for you. If you don't forgive (which doesn't mean what they did was o.k.) you allow that person to continue to hurt you into your present and poison your body with negativity. To forgive means to put it in the past so they can't continue to hurt you. You are still His child, but you need to learn to forgive for your own mental and physical health.
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      Thank you
  • God’s forgiveness is not extended toward those who refuse to forgive others. Matt 6:14, 15 However, Christians are not required to forgive those who practice malicious, willful sin with no repentance. Such become God’s enemies. Heb 10:26-31 God who grants pardon to those who seek forgiveness. But he does not withhold punishment from persons who deliberately set themselves in opposition to him and his righteous ways. Ex 34:6, 7
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      Oh, I thought I needed to forgive even an evil person, who is not of Christ, who does not repent or feel remorse, and who continues his evil ways because God said to love your enemies, and if you love someone you forgive them for everything, even the worst of crimes. A part of me wants to believe that God doesn't like that person and even hates him, but in the bible it says there's no hate in Him at all. In Heb, is it talking about a Christian who sins after receiving God? Because I've sinned many many times, even deliberately, after becoming Christian. How do we not sin as a Christian? Isn't it impossible? Does this mean God's sacrifice no longer covers me? :( Because I've sinned too much, willingly.
  • Friend hating whoever you're hating isn't doing you a bit of good the person you hate isn't thinking the first thing about you! Here's the deal if you keep hating him and punishing him in your heart God's not going to act against that person. If you want the ultimate revenge against somebody that has done you wrong forgive that person by doing so you turn him over into the hands of God who promises the ultimate Justice and vengeance!
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      I'm trying to forgive, though I don't want to, because he doesn't deserve anyone's forgiveness, but just find it impossible. It's not just horrible things he did to me, but mostly horrible horrible things he did to others, especially someone I really really love and care about. It's hard not to feel angry and hateful when I think about it. How can I forgive a monster who hurt the most innocent and helpless? Someday, I think I'm able to forget/let go of what he did to me, but I don't know if I can let go of what he did to that person who I love. Even if I never forgive him, not even the slightest, I'm confident that God will destroy him in the end. So I'm not worried that he will go unpunished. In this world, he might never face any punishment, but when he dies, he will. I'm okay with that. I won't be okay though if God disowns me. I want to be His forever. Some say that one can lose their salvation, and that scares me. Will God still let me be with Him if I die with an unforgiving heart towards that one person?
  • Why are you holding hate and forgiveness in your heart for this person you're preventing God from doing Justice! God can't act when you're standing there saying God I refuse to forgive him and turn that person over to God. God will not administer his judgment while you're in the process of playing God. Forgive this person and turn that person over to God so he can face God's judgment! In the meantime the only person that suffering is you do you think the person that you haven't forgiven is paying a bit of attention about you! They're probably laughing at you right now if they're still alive. So stop the laughing get out of God's way and let him administer the judgment that that person richly deserves

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