• Frankly, I'm not 100% clear what he meant by that. He wants to ban handgun braces, which, IMO, is stupid. The 911 terrorists didn't use guns, they didn't use nail clippers, they used box cutters to hijack airplanes and then used those airplanes as weapons. Tim McVeigh didn't use bump stocks nor braces to blow up a daycare, he used fertilizer and a rental truck. And if some crazy with a handgun is trying to shoot someone down in a crowded place, hell, I'd prefer they do whatever they can to improve their aim. If they aren't gunning for me, I'd rather they not shoot me by mistake, and, if they are, might as well let them make it quick rather than winging me four times and then shooting me in the spleen (then I'd bleed to death slowly, since the police would likely not risk getting shot to come extract me from the scene with an active shooter). As for the quote itself, under whatever general context, no, the government does not believe any of the Bill of Rights Amendments apply to them anymore, and that has been clear for decades now: banning Muslims, jailing reporters, intimidating the press, banning guns, setting up long-term police confiscations of innocent people's houses neighbouring suspect's houses, the NSA spying on literally everyone (hope you are well Agents), arresting peaceful protesters, shooting people's dogs for no reason, defending police who shoot the victims by mistake, etc. etc. And the idiots who live here go gung-ho to fight for Trump or Biden or Obama or Bush or Clinton or whomever, when they all, yes all, will stop at nothing to infringe on your "basic human rights." Well, here's pulling back the curtain - we have no basic human rights. Human beings have been murdering each other brutally and senselessly for millennia. Organizing those people into societies doesn't stop that, it just acts as a force multiplier, and whoever is pulling the strings has the same primal urges as everyone else, they are merely told that they are smarter and more special than everyone else when they are not. So you either try to conform and not attract any attention or you make a scene. Neither option is desirable.
  • answers like that scare me. it's what communists like Putin and Xi say.😕
  • I think the gun amendment is written as if to not be touched.

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