• Now that Neanderthal humans have been extinct for a while (probably over 100 thousand years), it's fun to make fun of them for being inferior or whatever, but, truth is, they were just as advanced as their contemporaries. Also, genetics seems to reinforce the theory that the original homo sapiens interbred with Neanderthals after they left Africa, leading to the distinction between dark skin people and light skin people. So, unless you (not you -Linda-Joy, but, in general you-whoever is reading this) are pure-bred sub-saharan-african, chances are that one of your distant ancestors was a neanderthal. Probably neither of those species ever largely lived in caves. On the other hand, Denisovan humans, who did live in caves (as far as we know about them), might be the genetic ingredient in Southeast Asian humans. These topics are often considered taboo or offensive. Sorry if anyone is offended by any of this. I, personally, think it's all fascinating. Humans are one of the most diverse species on Earth, and I believe it is important to celebrate that diversity and understand it rather than hide it away.
    • Linda Joy
      Was in reference to Biden saying Texas and MS had Neanderthal thinking. I also believe diversity makes us stronger and more interesting. More points of view and more cultural references bring us the best of all worlds. I don't personally know my Neanderthal quotient, and won't unless someone else pays for it, but if they did I'd get it done. I know I have a lot of European ancestry.
    • bostjan64
      Ahh, I see. Well, I don't agree with Biden's tact.

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