• Hello. Im a 16 year old. Im having some trouble so I would like to know how to cope with it. I thought that I was finally fine but today it felt even worst. Today I am feeling a upset or angry. I keep getting annoyed easily and don’t want anyone to come near me or ask me anything ( including my family). I kept getting angrier and angrier to the point I stopped replying to any of my family members. A while ago I was on the verge of breaking apart. I got so furious that i wanted to cry. There was nothing to cry or be mad about but i couldn’t help it. It was for no reason. When i went to the bathroom, I suddenly started panicking. I started mumbling that Im scared. I was feeling afraid. I felt like everyone is watching me, judging my every move. I was feeling disgusted. And I suddenly started crying. Then I got mad. I was mad at myself for crying. I was mad at others. I was so angry that I wanted to slam my head across the wall. I suddenly wanted to give myself pain. I wanted to punish myself for being a bad child. Im afraid. Why can’t I do anything right. I want everything to stop. Im sick. Im tired of everything. These thoughts running through my mind i wanted to stop thinking but it would come back. My head wasn’t hurt physically but it was hurting a lot. I felt like i was going crazy. It wouldn’t stop Then suddenly, i found myself smiling and finding myself pathetic and laughing. Then i suddenly started crying. And then at the end i started laughing again and got out. I have been having days like these for so long and I really need help and a way to cope with it. I have no idea what is going on with me but I would like it to stop. And Im afraid that The next time it happens i don't know what i might do cuz I cant control myself at those moments. I try hard to control myself but it becomes harder and harder .
  • Sounds pretty serious. You should speak with your primary healthcare provider and see if they can diagnose you. In the mean time please be careful.
  • I think you need to see a counselor as soon as possible. Ask the teacher at school if you can see the counselor there tomorrow. They will probably refer you to a therapist and medication may be indicated. Try to stay calm. I know it seems impossible, but this is something that can be fixed. You may want to tell the closest member of your family that you think you need mental health help, but you can't talk about it with them. I like talking to counselors because you can get as angry as you want and say stuff that might hurt someone else's feelings and not have to worry about hurting their feelings because they are trained to deal with it. Stay safe and know this will pass.
  • I'm sorry you are going through this and seek help get therapy and on medication you don't want to act out :) Best Wishes

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