• No one wins in war.
  • Hopefully there won't be a World War III.
  • If nukes are involved, nobody will win, we will all lose.
  • stock and shareholders.
  • none of the people thats fore sure. we could of solved world poverty twice over with the amount of money spent on the Iraq war. If nuclear weapons are used we'll wipe out half the planet stir up dust block out the sun grow no crops and all us poor people will die of starvation. eventually it will probably happen and go on until no one is left to fight and nothing left to fight over. we can only hope it doesn't we are in the last days.
  • How do you know there will be a world war 3? Maybe in your mind there is a war going on. Whoever wants a world war 3 to happen are scum of the Earth and messed up in the head who need serious help.
  • No one. A World War III would likely be so destructive that both sides would be losers, along with a lot of people who hadn't even participated. The earth's climate and ability to produce food could be heavily compromised for a long time. It might well be touch and go as to whether the human race could survive at all.

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