• The duck-billed platypus and the echidna. I'm not sure what the platypus ever did for the duck, nor why he never paid him, though.
    • Linda Joy
      LOL. I'm thinking slow this morning. It took me a second to get that one!
  • Ostrich, Hens,
    • Linda Joy
      Those aren't mammals. Mammal mommies have nipples and feed their young milk. They have hair or fur and *usually* give live birth instead of laying eggs. That's what makes these mammals special.
    • bostjan64
      Platypuses don't have nipples, though, they are just really weird animals. They still do feed milk to their young, but it just comes through their skin kind of like sweat, when the babies are near the mother. Echidnas also have no nipples, but they do have a "milk patch." Most marsupials have nipples in their pouches, I think, but some have patches instead. I think some rodents might use patches instead of nipples as well, but I'm not really an expert on nipples. LOL

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