• No. He didn't kill anyone. Just like the dems shouldn't be held responsible for the deaths of the rioters, even though they wouldn't let the national guard in to put a stop to the nonsense. And they are certainly more responsible than Trump is because some of his followers lost their marbles and committed some crimes for which I think they should be punished, but not Trump. Just like you shouldn't be punished for what your neighbor does. People should be held PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY DO! No one else! No one would have ever said this about any other POTUS! Or any other politician so far for that matter! This disgusts me! Oh well, you deserve what you voted in! And you deserve to get back every nasty thing you ever put out said right back to you! Enjoy it!
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment :)
    • bostjan64
      The Democratic Mayor of Washington DC requested National Guard presence at the protest, but the person responsible for approving the request and mobilizing the guard is one of the members of the executive branch, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, who did sign off. It seems that the reason the guard wasn't there was because they were busy redirecting traffic. because DC PD had not communicated with them about where they were needed. If I had called my neighbourhood to a rally, told them that another neighbourhood was stealing from them (without any evidence), promised to them that we would go together to the other neighbourhood and fight, then sent them off in that direction, whilst I went home and watched the news unfold on television, I would hold some culpability if that group ended up murdering someone over in the other neighbourhood. Obviously, Trump is above the laws that you and I are expected to adhere to, as he has stated in his own words that he could murder someone in broad daylight in cold blood and face zero consequences for it. I feel for you, Linda Joy, since you seem to have fallen for the alt-right's brainwashing tactics, and now willfully resist observable facts in favour of conspiracy theories and "alternative facts" as your leader's people call them. Patriotism is supporting one's nation, not supporting a cult leader in order to spite the majority of that nation. I know you are better than this, though, so I will remain hopeful that you will snap out of this mindset once the dust settles and our great nation is back on its feet, someday.
  • For a murder charge? No. For lying to his supporters for months in an attempt to steal an election and then hyping them up and encouraging a riot to disrupt the officiating of votes? Yes.
    • DancesWithWolves
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